TAP Portugal 07/2010

tap-portugal-07-2010 In the heart of the Prenzlauer Berg area we find Ackselhaus & Blue Home, each occupying two neighbouring late 19th-century buildings. Both of them (the former in ochre tones and the latter in blue) aim to make their guests feel at home while in Berlin. What about staying at Afrika Deluxe, in China or at Movie? The ambience of each room corresponds to the name each one is given with details from far-flung places or films that made history in the world of cinema. A bit more expensive are the Blue Home apartments, where good taste is in décor reigns and guests can enjoy verandas that look out onto the Belforter Straße, as well as a lovely interior patio where water and lush vegetation dominate. To energetically scour the city, you´ll need a solid breakfast at Club del Mar, a sophisticated room with an open fire and where we are illuminated by crystal lamps that used to belong to the opera house in a bygone age.