Profil 47 - News from the capital

img248 LIVE - DREAM - SLEEP: “An oasis of charme and calm”! ACKSELHAUS: The terracotta-color of the first part of the ackselhaus already gives a hint. The Mediterranean is the subject throughout this gently refurbished house from the turn of the century. The studio “Rome”, the “Picasso”-studio or the “beach house” evoke sunny feelings. From the design of the reception area up to the lush and dreamy garden with the Italian flair you feel like in Southern regions - in the heart of Berlin. [...] BLUE HOME: The 120-years old house with the water-blue facade, where you find the second of the two charming boutique hotels – is only a stone´s throw away from its “Mediterranean” counterpart - the blue home with its 21 rooms. (p. 16-17)