Outlooks - Magazine Canada 05/2010

outlooks-magazine-mai-2010 Our new digs, Ackselhaus/Blue House, are as unique as our previous. It’s easy to imagine being a foreign writer in 2010, checking into our modern-chic guest room and using it as a base to explore the city for a few months. Fittingly, it’s a blend of new and old: a 19th- Century building overhauled into a contemporary feel. Heavy crown moulding surrounds 15-foot ceilings which are sanded to show generations of old paint, while, at eye level, it’s fresh and clean. From our balcony, we have a view of the Jetson-era Fernsehturm tower. Downstairs, we’re served the finest breakfasts of an entire twoweek European trip. Starting around $175, these are not accommodations a hungry young writer could afford for long; but they are perfect for a gay couple to stay a few days and explore the drama of this city.