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chiliThe stucco decorated fireplace in the “Club del Mar”, the in-house breakfast café of the «ackselhaus» warms from the outside, the hot coffee with milk from the inside. The guest feels just a bit of luxury. The hotel «ackselhaus” are actually two houses, Berlin’s classic buildings from the Wilhelminian, with 35 apartments. You can find the ackselhaus & blue home in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, the old workers’ quarters which is now the scene of Berlin, and are named after its founder and inventor Ulf Acksel. Each room is set up differently with high stucco ceilings, wooden window frames and old floorboards that creak. But the imperfect makes the charm of the apartment hotel «ackselhaus» aus:http://www.suedostschweiz.ch/lifestyle/chili/artikel.cfm?id=597050&ressort=06_Unterwegs&datum=2009-01-11