Stilguide 2008

text If you follow the B5 northward, past Museum Island you’ll pass into Prenzlauer Berg after a short interval. This district, made up primarily of Wilhelminian style buildings, has always been known as a genial and cosmopolitan urban retreat. It’s very heart is home to the “ackselhaus” hotel. You can easily reach all the sites of the city centre from there. Creaking floorboards, grand old coffers and big windows: that’s what you’d expect from the 19th century apartments in Prenzlauer Berg and that’s what the “ackselhaus” is like, except maybe for the studios that digress into various themes. The honemoon suite with its rose-colored wallpapers definitely branches off this ideal in another direction and the appeal of a maritime room in this landlocked area is also up to each individual guest. There are no spa or wellness facilities at the “ackselhaus”, but the building and its garden create a unique synergy that invites you to take it easy. There are no conference rooms on the premises. The hotel-operated breakfast café “Club del Mar” is the perfect place to get a place on the terrace and enjoy a delicious supper. Until well past noon you can take your time for the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, the restaurant closes after breakfast. The “ackselhaus” has an elegant atmosphere, quite apart from the posh hotels of Berlin, creating an authentic setting for your visit to Berlin. Some minor flaws are still acceptable.